​Working and studying at the same time

Questions and answers about working and studying

I work part-time while studying. Am I covered by the CNESST?

Yes. You do not have to work a minimum number of hours to be insured by the CNESST. Once you’re working, part-time while studying or full-time, and an employer pays you wages, you’re automatically insured by the CNESST.

I’m doing an employer-paid traineeship while studying. Am I covered by the CNESST?

Yes. The CNESST considers you to be like any other worker in that enterprise; therefore you’re covered.

I’m doing an unpaid traineeship while studying. Do I have the same rights as the other workers?

Yes. If you’re doing an unpaid traineeship in an enterprise during your studies, you’re covered and have the same rights as the other workers, except for the right to return to work. You’re regarded as working for the educational institution where you’re studying or for the school board governing that institution.

I attend hands-on workshops in my occupational training centre. Am I covered by the CNESST?

No. For hands-on workshops in schools, you're not regarded as a worker (i.e. as a person paid by an employer for doing work) and therefore you're not covered by the CNESST. However, you may be covered by the insurance plan in your occupational training centre or CEGEP. Check with your educational institution.