​Prevention, I'm working at it!

What are my rights and obligations as a worker?

You’re entitled to require that your employer provide you with working conditions that let you do your job safely. Your employer must ensure that you get the information, training and supervision that you need to do your job without getting injured.

You’re obliged to wear the protective gear furnished by your employer, to follow the safety rules in effect in the establishment where you work and to contribute to eliminating dangers in the workplace (for example, by telling your employer if you discover a danger, by warning someone if a machine is defective or by wiping up a puddle on the floor, etc.).

Does my employer have to provide me with protective gear?

Yes. Your employer must furnish you with the protective gear and equipment that you need to do your work safely. And your obligation is to wear that gear and use that equipment.

What should I do if I think that it’s unsafe to do my job?

Tell your employer about it immediately. You have the right to refuse to do a task if you believe that it poses a health or safety risk for you or someone else. In such a case, your employer must correct the situation. If after speaking to your employer, you both still disagree about the danger or the proposed measures, you can request the intervention of an inspector by phoning the CNESST office in the region in which your workplace is located.