​Your new job

From your first day of work, your employer must ensure that you get the information, training and supervision that you need to do your work safely. It is part of his obligations. Feel free to ask your employer questions.

Did you know that the employees most often involved in accidents are young people and workers recently assigned to a new position? They are more likely than others to have an accident during their first weeks of work.

Questions to ask when you start a new job

  • What risks are involved in my job?
  • Do I need any training to do my job safely?
  • What are the safety rules and instructions?
  • What are the safe work methods?
  • Do I have to wear protective gear (helmet, glasses, etc.) or use protective equipment (dollies, carts, etc.)?
  • What should I do in the event of a work-related accident?
  • What measures apply in an emergency (fire, chemical spills, etc.)?
  • Who do I go to with my questions about occupational health and safety?

When you start a new job, it’s okay to ask questions. The answers you get could prevent you from getting injured or even save your life!

If you have questions, download the brochure: To get the most out of Life, work hard but work Safe! Prevention, worth learning about!.