​For a Safe Maternity Experience program

How to ensure a safe maternity experience in the workplace

See a physician

If you are pregnant and are concerned that your work may constitute a hazard to your health or that of your unborn child, see a physician. Describe your duties (tasks, movements, posture, exposure to products, etc.) and ask the physician to complete the "Preventive Withdrawal and Reassignment Certificate for a Pregnant or Breast-feeding Worker".

Obtain a certificate

For the certificate to be valid, your physician must consult the physician in charge of health services for your establishment or the one designated by the public health director for the region in which this establishment is located. By signing the "Preventive Withdrawal and Reassignment Certificate for a Pregnant or Breast-feeding Worker", your physician acknowledges that your work represents a danger to your pregnancy.

Make sure a copy of the certificate is forwarded to the CNESST.

Notify your employer

Once the certificate, duly completed by your physician, is received by the employer, this constitutes a request for reassignment. Your employer may then opt to eliminate the hazard represented by your work or assign you to other tasks. If neither of these alternatives is doable, you are entitled to benefit from a preventive withdrawal and to receive compensation until the fourth week prior to the planned delivery date or until such time as your employer can assign you to a position that does not represent a hazard.

Submit a new request for the breast-feeding period

If you wish to breast-feed and are concerned that your work may represent a danger to your newborn child, you must repeat the above steps. You must submit a new request, even if you were reassigned or benefited from a preventive withdrawal while pregnant.

Consult Safe working conditions for a safe maternity experience.