​A prevention program

What is a prevention program?

What does it consist of?

It is an action plan focused on prevention and tailored to a particular organization. It is the main prevention tool provided for under current legislation. It seeks to eliminate or control work-related hazards and provide concrete measures in this regard. It is developed by the employer with input from workers. It enables employers to ensure the health and safety of their workers.

What does the prevention program include?

All employers are encouraged to implement a prevention program. All workers must be made aware of the program.

Such a program is mandatory for employers in certain activity sectors (see Regulation respecting prevention programs). It is also mandatory for all employers who belong to prevention mutual groups.

To whom does it apply?

An identification of primary hazard sources. The standards and regulations to be adhered to in eliminating or controlling these hazards. Individual safety equipment required for the protection of workers. Monitoring and maintenance measures to be implemented. Necessary training needs and methods for meeting them.​