​Rights and obligations

What are your rights and obligations?

Workers' rights

  • To enjoy working conditions that preserve your health and safety at work;
  • To receive health and safety information and advice;
  • To receive appropriate training and be appropriately supervised;
  • To have access to preventive health services;
  • To be entitled to refuse to perform a task that you believe is hazardous to your health or that of another person;
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, to be assigned to tasks that do not represent a danger to your health or that of your unborn child.

Workers' obligations

  • To take the necessary measures to protect your health and safety, as well as the safety of others in your work environment;
  • To help identify and eliminate workplace risks;
  • To learn about the prevention program;
  • To collaborate with the health and safety committee;
  • To take the legally required medical exams.

Employers' rights

  • To receive training and obtain information on occupational health and safety;
  • To seek out support and advice regarding your prevention process.

Employers' obligations

  • To identify, control and eliminate hazards to workers;
  • To ensure the safety of the equipment, tools and work methods in your facilities, and to make sure these are properly used or adopted by workers;
  • To inform workers of any job-related risks;
  • To provide workers the necessary training to ensure they can safely perform their tasks;
  • To supervise the work of employees and ensure adherence to safety standards;
  • To offer medical attention (first aid) on site;
  • To develop a prevention program (may be mandatory under applicable legislation).