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ISST: on-line collective catalogue

The Information SST (ISST) collective catalogue has been available for consultation on the Internet for more than 10 years now. It is one of the largest catalogues of documents relating to occupational health and safety.

ISST allows users to locate, among the collections of the CNESST, the IRSST and joint sector-based associations (JSA), more than 150,000 books, standards, audiovisual documents, investigation reports, articles, etc. The catalogue is updated on a daily basis. The publications appearing in the catalogue are described using keywords and very often are summarized.

With ISST, users can consult on-line thousands of publications dealing with prevention, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, medicine, toxicology, etc., using a hyperlink that refers users to the full text when the publication is available on the Internet. Close to one-third of the publications acquired over the last 10 years can be downloaded.

ISST simplifies research by using predefined search profiles created by our librarians. These profiles deal with subjects related to the strategic orientations of the CNESST and the needs expressed by our clientele.

ISST provides information on the availability of a title and indicates from which centre of the SST documentary network it can be borrowed.

Are you unable to find a title? Have you consulted the catalogue by keyword but have not obtained a satisfactory answer? One of our librarians can certainly assist you! Feel free to call on their services on site, by telephone or by e-mail.

Access the ISST catalogue

On our shelves

The CNESST Documentation Centre acquires all the works published in Québec, in Canada or abroad, in English or in French, in fields related to occupational health and safety.

Our collection contains more than 40,000 books, 6,000 standards, 2,000 audiovisual documents and 1,500 reference works. We also subscribe to close to 200 magazines/journals and we have a collection of more than 50,000 periodical articles.

We make all of our collections available to workers, employers and the general public free of charge.

Investigation reports

Information SST allows users to identify all of the investigation reports prepared by CNESST inspectors since 1980. A search may be made:

  • by enterprise name
  • by subject
  • by accident date
  • by year of publication

Information SST enables users to consult on-line the depersonalized versions of the reports published since 1990. The most recently submitted investigation reports are also available on the CNESST web site.

With Information SST, you can use predefined search profiles to quickly identify the investigation reports associated with young workers, forklift trucks, construction sites, etc.