​About us

Our mandate

We respond to requests for documentary information in the occupational health and safety (OHS) field made by representatives of the CNESST, workers, employers and anyone interested in occupational health and safety.

Thanks to our on-line Information SST catalogue, our reception, lending and research assistance services, we provide information to the CNESST's clienteles in the occupational health and safety field and we support them in their efforts to make their workplace healthier and to eliminate hazards.

Our team

Our team, which is made up of 13 documentary information specialists, including 8 professional librarians, will respond to your requests and will assist you in your search for occupational health and safety information.

Occupational health and safety documentary network

We are developing our on-line Information SST catalogue and we are offering access to our collections in cooperation with: the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST) and the participating joint sector-based associations (JSA). Information SST (OHS information) is a collective catalogue.

The documentation centre of the CNESST, the documentation centre of the RSST or those of the participating JSA acquire publications and catalogue them. The publications identified in the catalogue may thus be part of the collection of any one of the documentation centres making up the Documentary Network.

To contact the documentation centre of the RSST or those of the JSA:

Our projects

In an on-going effort to improve the services we offer, we are constantly working to develop and renew our collections, to offer an ever greater number of on-line documents and to improve our consultation areas and equipment in order to better meet your needs.

Here are a few projects that we are working on:

  • Making possible assisted research using the on-line thesaurus
  • Developing a new viewing room
  • Establishing a collection of posters dealing with OHS
  • Increasing the number of documents available on-line