Workers: Safety rules for the Québec Film and Video Industry

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Index of fact sheets in PDF format

Cinema Safety Rules for the Quebec Film and Video Industry 

Underwater diving (PDF | 363 Ko)

​Safety rules to be respected during diving work.

Costumes and Props (PDF | 391 Ko)

TWearing, using, handling and making costumes and props may entail some health and safety risks.

Use of Propane (PDF | 385 Ko)

This information sheet is for producers (employers), suppliers, operators and users of propane devices.

General obligations concerning occupational health and safety​ (PDF­ | 911 Ko)

This guideline presents the obligations of employers (including producers) regarding the measures that must be taken to protect the health, safety and physical well being of their workers. It also presents the rights and obligations of workers, including the right to refuse to work in certain situations.

Choice of work site (PDF | 50,8 Ko)

Reminder of the producer's obligations in choosing a safe workplace as well as the standards applicable to filming or recording on a public road.

Road transport (PDF | 574 Ko)

Safety rules to be applied regarding registration, permits, driving and working hours, the transportation of people, goods and hazardous materials, occupancy of public roads and traffic near workers. In the appendix, driver's daily log, the Pre-trip Inspection Report, and the signal code.

Outsized vehicles (Non-standard vehicles) (PDF | 144 Ko)

Rules to be followed and precautions to be taken when motor vehicles are used for filming or recording.

Off-highway vehicles (PDF | 47,1 Ko)

Rules to be followed for the use of all-terrain vehicles or other off-highway vehicles. Protective equipment to be used and rules specific to passenger transport.

Fire prevention (PDF | 111 Ko)

Standards to be complied with to prevent fire-related risks on sets, for example when a set is being chosen or if fire must be used for stunts and producing special effects. Reminder of the main rules of the Tobacco Act.

Site maintenance  (PDF | 49 Ko)

General rules that workers must follow to keep the premises clean and tidy on a film set. Reminder of the main rules regarding fire protection.

Portable ladders and stepladders (PDF | 88 Ko)

Standard applicable to portable ladders and stepladders to be followed when using them.

Scaffolds (PDF | 1,18 Mo)

Basic principles for assembling scaffolds, and the rules to follow to use them safely.

Hoisting apparatus  (PDF | 82,7 Ko)

Standards and safety rules to follow in using hoisting apparatus.

Camera dollies and cranes (PDF | 80,1 Ko)

Rules to be followed in the use of camera dollies and cranes as well as in assembling a support structure.

Boom trolley (PDF | 428 Ko)

Rules to be followed in using boom trolleys, and the responsibilities of the boom trolley operator regarding safety.

First aid  (PDF | 82 Ko)

Standards to be complied with regarding the number of first-aiders necessary on the work site, mandatory qualifications of the first-aider and the first aid attendant, and the minimum content of a first aid kit.

First aid: Electrical burns (PDF | 51 Ko)

Precautions and steps to be taken for urgent intervention on victims of electrical burns.

Electricity (PDF | 82,1 Ko)

Precautions to be taken in handling different components of an electrical installation (distribution panel, circuit breakers, fuses, electrical outlets, extension cords, wires, equipment). In the appendix, a reminder of the rules to be followed during work near power lines.

Electrical installations (PDF | 147 Ko)

Rules to be followed regarding electrical installations, such as in the use of generators, lighting equipment, transportation equipment, etc. Mainly intended for lighting technicians and electricians. Contains a few definitions.

Flammable liquids (PDF | 79 Ko)

Rules to be followed and precautions to be taken regarding flammable liquids and open flames produced by torches, candles, fireplaces, etc.

Air quality (PDF | 82 Ko)

Standards to be complied with to ensure the quality of the air on a set, and the steps to be taken to ensure worker safety. Safety rules to be applied during a smoke or fog effect.

Construction - Demolition (PDF | 179 Ko)

Safety rules applicable during construction and demolition work on sets and temporary structures. Safe use of paints, stains, solvents as well as plastic resins and glues.

Compressed air (PDF | 79,3 Ko)

Rules to be followed in using compressed air as a source of energy or a source of respirable air.

Animal handling (PDF | 111 Ko)

Rules to be followed to ensure the health and safety of workers when the work involves animals, particularly horses and snakes. In the appendix, a reminder of the care to be given to animals taking part in filming or recording.

Firearms  (PDF | 113 Ko)

Safety measures to be complied with in the use of firearms, and the role of the armourer on sets.

Stunts (PDF | 80 Ko)

Safety rules to apply and precautions to be taken for stunts during filming or recording.

Welding and cutting (PDF | 89 Ko)

Requirements, rules and standards to apply in welding and cutting work. In the appendix, safety measures for the use of acetylene and oxygen.

Makeup and hairdressing (PDF | 85 Ko)

Rules to be followed in the makeup and hairdressing room and regarding the products used there. In the appendix, precautions to be taken in the production and application of prostheses.

Use of aircraft  (PDF | 337 Ko)

Safety rules to apply and precautions to be taken when an aircraft is used for the requirements of the work. In the appendix, a reminder of the safety rules for the use of an airplane or a helicopter.

Skydiving (PDF | 80 Ko)

Safety rules to be applied and precautions to be taken for parachute jumps during filming or recording.

Work on or near water (PDF | 86,2 Ko)

Safety rules to be applied during work on or near water. There is also a description of the documents required by the CSST.

Work on ice fields (PDF | 51,7 Ko)

Safety rules and measures to apply when work is done on a fresh water ice field.

Controlled products (WHMIS) (PDF | 279 Ko)

Safety rules to apply regarding hazardous materials. As a complement, a table of the six categories of controlled products, as they are defined by the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).