The texts of the Acts and Regulations ​ come from Les Publications du Québec.

Acts and corresp​onding regulations

An Act respecting occupational health and safety (AOHS)(CQLR, c. S-2.1)

Passed in 1979, this Act deals first and foremost with the prevention of work-related accidents and diseases. It created the CSST, now named CNESST, and entrusted this organization with its various mandates.

An Act respecting industrial accident and occupational diseases (AIAOD) (CQLR, c. A-3.001)

Having entered into force in 1985, this Act introduces a remedial system for injuries or diseases caused by work. It provides for the payment of compensation when necessary, the supply of health care and assistance with rehabilitation.

Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA) (CQLR, c. A-3)

This Act, passed in 1931, was replaced by An Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases on August 19, 1985, but is still in force for the accidents or diseases having occurred prior to that date.

An Act respecting indemnities for victims of asbestosis and silicosis in mines and quarries (CQLR, c. I-7)

In 1975, this Act established a special compensation regime for mine and quarry workers. Like the Workers’ Compensation Act, it continues to apply for occupational injuries or diseases having occurred prior to August 19, 1985.

Crime Victims Compensation Act (R.S.Q., c. I-6) and An Act to promote good citizenship (CQLR, c. C-20)

These two Acts respectively aim to compensate crime victims and rescuers who are injured while coming to the assistance of someone. They refer to the Workers' Compensation Act for the compensation principles.

Crime Victims Compensation Act

An Act to promote good citizenship

Government Employees Compensation Act (CQLR, 1985, c. G-5)

Federal Act authorizing the CNESST to set the compensation payable to federal government employees according to rates and conditions stipulated in the Québec legislation. The application of this Act is the subject of an agreement between the federal department responsible for it and the CNESST.